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Firm Profile

American Surveying & Engineering, P.C. (ASE) is a DBE firm that offers a variety of services.  ASE, which was established in 1978 as American Surveying Consultants, has its corporate office in Chicago and branch offices in Aurora and Dixon in Illinois, and Ames, Iowa. ASE employs between 60 and 70 people, including eight Professional Land Surveyors and five Professional Engineers. Our land surveyors are licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin. ASE engineers are licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Michigan.


ASE embraces cutting edge technology, allowing us to deliver high-quality data that satisfies the needs of clients working on complex transportation or utility corridors in an efficient and cost-saving manner. ASE owns and operates a Leica Pegasus: Two Mobile LiDAR unit, which allows us to obtain design-grade survey data at highway speeds. Another highlight is the Research Vessel Abe Lincoln, a state of the art bathymetric surveying vessel equipped with Single and Multi-Beam Echosounding and Side Scan Sonar. Our commitment to utility locating led us to offering all levels of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE). We can provide the SUE Level B locating when necessary, and when a designer needs a utility exposed (SUE Level A) for his or her set of plans, we can do that with either our Airvac or Hydrovac trucks. These are just a few examples of ASE’s commitment to innovative technology.


Over the years, ASE has evolved into a broader service engineering firm that offers hydraulic analysis and design, roadway engineering, land acquisition services, civil site design, environmental documentation, studies and regulatory permitting, construction inspection, and utility location and investigations.


Here is a list of all our Illinois DOT prequalifications:


Environmental Reports – Environmental Assessment

Environmental Reports – Environmental Impact Statement

Hydraulic Reports – Waterways: Typical

Special Services – Surveying

Special Services – Sanitary

Highways – Roads and Streets

Special Studies – Location Drainage

Hydraulic Reports – Waterways: Complex

Special Services – Subsurface Utility Engineering

Highways – Freeways

Special Services – Construction Inspection


In Iowa, we are prequalified by the DOT in:


311 – Land Surveying

312 – Engineering Surveying

313 – Geodetic Surveying

319 – Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

353 – Environmental Specialty Studies


Our survey expertise includes traditional survey techniques, terrestrial and mobile 3D LiDAR, bathymetric surveys, use of UAVs to collect data from the air, and underground utility investigations/location.  We have a vast history performing topographic, right of way, and land survey services for roadway and utility projects of all sizes from long corridors in rural settings to busy streets in Chicago. We also provided control monumentation for the Illinois DOT in a district-wide project that spanned 11 counties.


With our clients’ needs in mind, we have continued to grow our land acquisition department to include appraisers, negotiators, and relocation specialists. This allows us to perform the survey needs for Right of Way Engineering projects by providing the existing conditions along with boundary data, plats, legal descriptions and title information, and then continue the process through to conclusion, which might include the need for fee takes, eminent domain takes or the establishment of easements.


Our engineers are experts in hydraulic analysis and design, and we have knowledge in the permitting process with a variety of regulatory agencies. ASE has the requisite experience in road and street design that includes alignment studies, highway geometrics, roadway drainage, and plan preparation consistent with DOT requirements. Our civil design staff continues to grow and gain invaluable experience in projects of all sizes. We have many success stories of where we designed improvements for municipal and DOT agencies.


With the addition of environmental staff, ASE has environmental documentation capabilities to the level of Environmental Impact Statements in both Illinois and Iowa. Special studies expertise includes wetlands, plant ecology, water quality, socio-economics, land use, and community impacts.  In addition to environmental documentation, ASE staff has regulatory permitting capabilities that include Clean Water Act 404 permitting and 401 Water Quality Certification.

The delivery of quality work and service to our clients is our most valued priority.