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GIS Support Services

ASE can work with the latest version of ArcGIS (ArcGIS 9.3.1) or any previous version.  ASE is a full-service GIS consulting firm with the ability to perform any GIS project for our clients.  We have the ability to create databases that conform to the Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure and the Environment (SDSFIE) or any other standards, formats or specifications that our clients may specify. 


Our most recent GIS project for the Illinois Tollway  is a good example of our GIS capabilities.  The Tollway approached us to create a GIS solution to help in its management of the vast networks of underground utilities that underlie the system of Tollways in Illinois.  The Tollway wanted a system that could provide the instant and precise geographic location of any utility facility or line and have information about each facility or line linked to the geographic location.  We suggested that we could create a GIS system for them that would link Permit, Relocation and Drainage Form data into a functional ESRI Geodatabase with schema, attributes and metadata.  The Tollway then accepted our offer to create a GIS system for a 5 mile test section.  We utilized the custom-designed application that was developed and implemented using Python geoprocessing scripts.  We built, populated and delivered the geodatabase to the Tollway.  They were excited about the results and ordered another 70 miles to be placed into the system.  After reviewing the first two projects, they requested that we expand the project to include the entire Tollway system (over 275 miles) in Illinois.