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ASE enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the leading land acquisition and boundary surveying firms in the Midwest.  ASE has 12 licensed professional land surveyors and a real estate attorney who are experts in boundary issues and able to bring all of their experience to solve every type of boundary problem.  In addition to performing surveys of individual tracts and subdivisions, we routinely perform large-scale right-of-way surveys that require the determination of all boundaries that adjoin the rights of way.  This boundary work necessarily requires the establishment or verification of large corridors of PLSS Section Corners.  Many of these large-scale boundary surveys have parcels that involve riparian issues.


We are known as one of the leading Midwestern firms for large-scale right-of -way projects. For our work on the 48 miles of US Route 20 right-of-way between Freeport, IL and East Dubuque, IL, we established or verified more than 190 PLSS section corners and established the parcel boundaries of the existing right of way for the entire corridor, while providing land acquisition plats of surveys.  We also prepared and recorded an Illinois Statutory Corridor Protection Plat for the right of way corridor for the entire length of the design corridor.  We currently are in the process of performing surveys to determine the existing right of way for the 7.4-mile stretch of I-74 in both Iowa and Illinois for the new bridge over the Mississippi River (42 IL parcels and 151 Iowa parcels).  We performed the boundary and right-of-way work for the large development corridor involved in the new interchange design for the I-57/I-294 intersection.  We received a performance evaluation of “Very Good” from the Chicago District of the US Army Corps for the boundary surveys we performed for them on the Dispersal Barrier Site that was installed to protect Lake Michigan from the Asian Carp invasion.


Our boundary surveys often include riparian issues.  On a recent boundary survey for the USDA Wetlands Reclamation Project (WRP) of 40.9 Acres in Clark County, IL, we encountered an interesting riparian challenge.  The site adjoined the Wabash River and had the possibility of accretion affecting the boundary of the parcel.  This issue was complicated by the fact that the riparian boundary was also the state boundary between Illinois and Indiana.  ASE crews located the thalweg of the river and other riparian features in order to ensure proper boundary determination.  We often encounter islands (surveyed), accretions, relictions and other riparian issues in the course of our boundary work.


We have also done extensive boundary work on these selected projects:


·      IDOT IDIQ Boundary/ROW Surveying Contract: PTB 124, Item15, Various Land Surveys, Various Counties.  In 2008, ASE completed Land Acquisition Contract for IDOT District 2.  This contract required us to perform 21 different work orders involving boundary survey projects within the District (the most northwesterly district in Illinois).  Work orders involved a variety of surveying tasks, but all of them involved land acquisition surveys, right of way surveys, plats and the creation of legal descriptions.  For work on this contract, ASE received a performance evaluation rating of EXCELLENT.

·      Tri-State Tollway: Land acquisition surveys and documents for 23 miles of the Tri-State and 17 miles of crossroads from 95th Street to the Kennedy/O'Hare Interchange. The project included boundary surveys for 1,954 parcels and 269 widening parcels. Field work included horizontal control by GPS, vertical control and aerial photo control, and staking of right-of-way.  Established/recovered PLSS section corners (approximately 130) for every section line affecting Tollway and side road right of way across the 23-mile corridor. Office work included preparation of a digital vector base and plats of highway (approximately 72 sheets). Additional work included complete re-survey of parcels adjacent to the existing right-of-way, approximately 200 more parcels.

·   IL Route 75 Land Acquisition, Stephenson and Winnebago Counties:  Existing Right of Way study on Illinois Route 75 through 18 miles in Northwestern Illinois (18-mile project).  Establish/locate all cadastral section corners affecting right of way (136 total corners). Tasks include establishing horizontal and vertical control, right of way/boundary surveys and plats for 124 parcels, and local cross road surveys.  Project performed for Illinois Department of Transportation, District 2.

·   I-70 Mississippi River Bridge, FAP Rt. 999, St. Clair and Madison Counties, IL: ASE performed land acquisition (boundary) and pre-design studies for the proposed, relocated, 8-lane bridge over the Mississippi to St. Louis.  ASE completed plats and legal descriptions for the relocated IL Rt.3, relocated railroads and relocated I-70 and prepared final plats of highway for the work.  Phase II engineering surveys for 5.5 miles of relocated IL 3.  Improvements included a major bridge structure over the Mississippi, including new multi-lane roadways and bridges on new alignments, new interchanges of varying complexity and relocation of several railroads. Tasks included preliminary and final plats for 4 sections of IL 3, land acquisition (boundary) plats  and documents for final railroad relocation (10 parcels), stake 78 Centerline points, 405 right-of-way corners, and topography.


More examples of real estate boundary, property and riparian surveying projects are available upon request.