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ASE is proud to announce that Jay Howell, PE has joined us as our new Vice President of Engineering.  Mr. Howell is a graduate in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois and has been a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois since 1985.  During his distinguished career at the Illinois Department of Transportation (Region 2, District 2), he served as the Acting Engineer of Program Development for 3 years; the Studies and Plans Engineer for the Bureau of Program Development for 10 years; the Condemnation and Acquisition Services Engineer for the Bureau of Land Acquisition for 7 years; the District Permit Engineer for the Bureau of Traffic for 2 years and the Project Studies Engineer for the Bureau of Planning for 4 years.  We are excited to be able to add another professional of his caliber to our staff of dedicated transportation engineers and surveyors.


Mr. Howell will supervise our Civil Design and Land Acquisition Departments.  Since ASE began performing Civil design work in 2006, we have rapidly come to the forefront with excellent designs on cutting edge projects.  Jay will bring his knowledge and expertise to bear on our design projects and help us to come into even greater prominence in the future.  His goal is to help us integrate the latest technologies and design methodologies into our Civil Engineering projects, so that we can provide our clients with the highest quality engineering work at competitive prices.


Jay’s depth of experience in the land acquisition process will also be a key in our current growth into this exciting field.  Since we began offering Land Acquisition services a few years ago, ASE has already grown into an industry leader in the Land Acquisition field.  Our position as a leading provider of Land Surveying services made our expansion into this field a natural progression and allowed us to provide additional value to our to state, federal, municipal and private clients.  We provide Negotiation services and manage Appraisals, Appraisal Reviews, Specialty Appraisals and Relocations, and ASE recently became a licensed Appraisal Management firm with the State of Illinois.  Jay’s experience with the State as Land Acquisition Engineer will give us an even greater insight into the Land Acquisition process and allow us to better provide these services to our clients.