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ASE is seeking a Subsurface Utility Engineer to join our Chicago or Aurora office.   The best candidate will have a broad range of project experience in the Utility Locating, Mapping Existing Utilities, Conflict Analysis, and Utility Drawing preparation.



Responsibilities include:


•Interpret project scope, budget, schedule and required manpower to identify existing utilities and survey field elements.


•Coordinate both Design JULIE, JULIE DIG requests, and conduct JULIE joint meetings with utility companies as needed.


•Interpret existing Utility Atlases, Utility As Built Records, and survey data to assist in the mapping of existing utilities.


•Communicate with ASE locators and other field personnel regarding utility findings


•Assist ASE CADD Technicians in the preparation of utility drawings in a CADD environment. 


• Occasional direct field data acquisition with the use of ASE locating and GPS survey equipment.


• Prepare SUE Level D, C, B, and A deliverables.


•  Conduct a Conflict Analysis of utility findings versus proposed improvements.  Recommend SUE level A vacuum test hole locations to the client.


• Coordinate traffic control , permit applications, site access and other elements necessary to support ASE field SUE and Survey crews to conduct vacuum test hole investigations and related survey data.


• Review final drawings and field note deliverables.


•Communicate with clients regarding the project schedule, progress cost, and required


•Review engineering drawings to ensure adherence to established CADD standards.


•Assist designers and other senior technicians with preparation and review of engineering drawing packages.


•Ability and willingness to travel in the region, as required.



BS or Associate degree in Engineering Technology or comparable/related (i.e. CADD; Drafting & Design Technology; General Engineering; or Design and Construction Technology)



4+ years of previous SUE (utility locating and mapping) projects.

For this senior position, applicants will need to possess or develop the following skills and attributes:

•Must have working knowledge of civil site development (e.g. grading, surfaces, sections, utility planning, profiles, corridors, pipe networks, and alignments).

• 2+ years proven work experience with Microstation, Geopak, and/or Autodesk Civil 3D.

• Knowledge of or ability to learn the use of utility location methodologies, locating equipment, and survey equipment.

•Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment.

•Attention to detail a must.


•Understanding and application of CADD standards.


•A sound knowledge of engineering design principles and construction methods.


•Good analytical thinking, numeracy, computer, and problem solving skills.


•Knowledge of Microsoft office Suite


•The ability to meet deadlines while performing under pressure


•Successful experience working in a dynamic environment with multiple project responsibilities


•Ability to understand & complete projects with minimal supervision



Software Experience:


•AutoCAD (recommended)


•Civil 3D (recommended)


•MicroStation (required)


•Geopack (strong plus)


•ArcGIS (strong plus)

Please send resumes to info@americansurvey.com.