ASE has pioneered the latest techniques in obtaining topographic data. We were at the forefront of the movement to apply GPS technology to topographic surveys. We were one of the first firms in the Midwest to use ground-based 3-D LiDAR Scanners to get thousands of times the topographic data that could be obtained with conventional surveying methods and with greater accuracy than traditional topographic surveying techniques.

Our addition of LiDAR scanning started with Terrestrial 3D LiDAR and has grown to adding 3D Mobile LiDAR using the ASE Scan Van, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  (UAV) with photogrammetric and LiDAR mapping capabilities. 

3-D LiDAR scanning can give extremely accurate results that save our clients time and money while providing a better finished product. We currently use scanning technology to perform work in areas where access to the survey area is dangerous, like lock and dam surfaces, toxic sites, rail surveys in close quarters, industrial sites, high traffic roadways, difficult to access structures on bridges and buildings, and areas of unsure footing, such as large stockpiles of loose materials. We also use scanning when extremely accurate survey data is required for close-tolerance engineering design and construction. In addition, scanning gives incredibly accurate results for quantity calculations due to the fact that conventional methods for quantity calculation surveys necessarily require approximations that are not used in the three-dimensional imaging provided with a scanner. We have had excellent results from using 3-D LiDAR scanning instead of conventional surveying techniques for traditional topographic surveys. We give our clients the benefits of scanning with no additional costs to them and do not charge for the use of the equipment.

We have also done extensive LiDAR Scanning on these selected projects:

Here are a few of our projects.

  • I-55 Mobile LiDAR Survey Support
  • IDOT ADA Surveys
  • Bridge Survey for UPR CREATE-WA1
  • Predesign for South Shore & Jackson Park
  • Various Surveys for Cook County
  • O'Hare Aiport Runway Survey
Mobile LiDAR Survey of I-55 from Weber Rd. To Willow Springs Rd. – Phase III Survey Support  
ASE provided verification of horizontal & vertical control, and an initial survey of existing conditions prior to construction of entire corridor using Mobile LiDAR.  After construction was finished ASE performed a Mobile LiDAR Survey of the As-Built roadway through the entire corridor.  Deliverables from Scan Van surveys was a fully registered non-classified point cloud delivered at first in .PTS files then .LAS files and spherical imagery files for use in TopoDOT.
IDOT ADA Surveys for Governors Highway & Sauk Trail in Richton Park
ASE performed topographic surveys and ADA compliant elevation surveys at intersection quadrants along Governers Highway and Sauk Trail in Richton Park. Using our 3D Mobile LiDAR scan van, ASE was able to scan the corridor to pick up topographic features including sewers, culverts, discharge pipes, catch basins, inlets, drainage structures, fire hydrants, manholes, handholes, traffic signals, wells, guardrails, retaining walls, large and/or overhead signs, railroad tracks, pavement, curbs, and other manmade improvements. ASE also located and detailed utility structures, and conducted an elevation survey.
Bridge Survey and Roadway Level Topographic Survey for Union Pacific Railroad CREATE – WA1
ASE provided bridge survey and roadway level topographic survey of crossroad structures. er. ASE also provided a track level bridge deck survey at 15 bridges. Mobile LiDAR and supplemental survey of Travel Level were conducted per UPRR Scope of Services for Traditional Ground Services. For the Mobile LiDAR, ASE stationed at 100 foot intervals and marked on outside rail. ASE measured existing surfaces and features within the project limits using 3D Mobile LiDAR Scanning. Low wire location and elevation of Com ED overhead lines within the UPRR ROW was also included. ASE supplemented the Mobile LiDAR with conventional survey in non-LiDAR areas.
Predesign Survey for Improvement of South Shore and Jackson Park Golf Courses
ASE performed a predesign survey, which used the Mobile LiDAR system deployed on an ATV to complement both static LiDAR and conventional survey methods.  Initially, an Aerial LiDAR campaign was proposed in conjunction with the Mobile LiDAR effort, but because of the ability to mount the Mobile LiDAR system on an ATV, the aerial survey was not performed.
Various Topographic Surveys for Cook County
ASE performed  Professional Topographic Services for Cook County’s Transportation and Highways Department. ASE also provided Subsurface Utility Engineering and Land Acquisition Services upon request.  ASE provided topographic surveys along various roadway sections on a Task Order basis including stream surveys, ground topography, cross-sections, section line, quarter-section line, and centerline alignment, as required, drainage inverts, and right-of-way monumentation. Also ASE performed property surveys as required for parcel descriptions and valuations, utility locates, follow-up (pick-up) surveys as needed, and appropriate Quality Control measures for all submitted work. ASE also performed land surveys, highway surveys, premise plats, descriptions, monument records and all investigation and documentation required for property procurement and to prepare preliminary and final right-of-way plans.
O’Hare Airport – Mobile LiDAR Runway Survey
As a part of their Pavement Management Services, ASE used our proprietary Scan Van featuring our mobile scanner to survey client specified runways.  Scan data was evaluated for condition rating including a crack analysis and inventory.



Mobile Mapping (LiDAR) is a cutting edge technology that allows survey data to be collected at design grade specifications while traveling at highway speeds.
Our Mobile Mapping allows us to collect data to normal survey accuracies which meet design grade specifications, but do so while traveling at normal highway speeds. This means we can survey many projects in days instead of weeks. The resulting point clouds allow us to extract only the data the client needs, but if those needs change, there is no need to go back in the field. We only need to extract the new data from the existing point cloud.
Lower costs and reduced schedules are not the only benefits of Mobile Mapping. Now ASE collects data without the risks and inconvenience of lane closures while exposing our surveyors to traffic. The motoring public also benefits from not being exposed to lane closures and the inconvenience of driving in more congested conditions.
  • One million points per second
  • Eight digital cameras for 360 view
  • Image pixel size 5.5 X 5.5 microns

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

In addition to Mobile LiDAR, ASE has been incorporating the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) (drones) into our workflow since 2015.  We have  licensed drone pilots on staff fully certified under CFR Part 107 and have successfully performed numerous quantity and topography surveys. There is no separate charge for use of this equipment.

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