Experience in hydrographic surveys, dredge materials measurement and payment surveys, lake/river/harbor project DTM mapping, clearance, underwater hazard detection.

ASE provides full-service bathymetric/hydrographic surveys including Multi-Beam Echosounder (MBE), Single Beam Echosounder (SBE), Side Scan Sonar (SSS), Stationary Sector Scanning Sonar (SSSS), and Sub-Bottom Profiling (SBP). The use of these remote sensing underwater mapping techniques provides our clients with accurate topographic maps of the underwater environment. ASE has vast experience performing bathymetric surveys and providing underwater digital terrain models (DTM) for a variety of projects, ranging from bridges, utility crossings, navigation channels, beach enrichment, and dredging.
Sub-Bottom Profilers are used to detect soil profiles and classify soil types and layers under the lake, river or seafloor. This procedure is generally used in conjunction with, and sometimes instead of, underwater soil borings. It is particularly useful in locating rock and glacial erratics (boulders) under the bottom of the hydrosphere.
Side Scan Sonar is used to identify underwater objects (targets) on the bottom of the hydrosphere, sea floor, lakebed, and/or riverbed. Sunken objects are easily identified and their location mapped. Objects (targets) size, location, and height are reported. Height of the object above the bottom can be measured. Obstructions lying on the bottom can be identified and mapped. Side Scan Sonar can also be used to classify soil types and location of vegetation; sands, silts, gravel, exposed erratics (boulders), etc.


We have performed extensive bathymetric/hydrographic work on these selected projects:

More examples of bathymetric/hydrographic surveying projects are available upon request.

  • Shade Lohman Bridge (I-474)
  • US 54 Bridge over Mississippi River
  • Lake Huron, Lexington, MI
  • Chicago Shoreline, IL
  • McCluggage Bridge, Peoria
  • Whiting Indiana Lakebed
Bathymetric Survey of Shade Lohman Bridge (I-474)
ASE performed both Multi-Beam Echosounding (MBE) and Side Scan Sonar (SSS) for the Shade Lohman Bridge in Creve Couer, IL. The MBE survey was performed for the project area at each pier. The MBE surveys were carried out using ASE’s R2Sonic 2024 MBE operating at 300 mHz and a 120-degree swath. The data was corrected using our Applanix POS MV Wavemaster with dual mounted GPS receivers. The SSS was collected at each bridge pier. The SSS was performed with the Edgetech 4125 SSS system, utilizing 400 kHz/900 kHz simultaneous dual frequency full spectrum CHIRP technology. The system used a towfish with a maximum range of 150 meters at 400 kHz and 75 meters at 900 kHz. ASE delivered a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) outlining the existing conditions. The SSS data was portrayed in image format expressed in a 2D point cloud.
Multi-Beam Echosounding for Improvement of US 54 Bridge over Mississippi River near Louisiana, Missouri

ASE performed the hydrographic survey using a multi-beam echosounder for the improvement of US 54 Bridge over Mississippi River near Louisiana, Missouri. ASE developed a DTM of the bottom of the hydrosphere. ASE submitted the deliverable in Microstation.  The bathymetric limits included a part of the Two Rivers Marina.

Sub-Bottom Profile of Proposed Lake Huron Water Intake Lexington, MI.

Project to identify certain geologic strata under the lakebed of Lake Huron off the shore of Lexington, MI to 5 miles lake ward.  ASE performed Bathymetric Sub-Bottom Profiling and single beam fathometry to identify potential rock outcrop of near surface rock to a depth of 5 meters below the bed of Lake Huron.  Water depths ranged from 0 to 12 fathoms. ASE obtained the requested data beneath the hydrosphere by use of a EdgeTech model 216 Sub-bottom Profiler coupled with top-side Model 3100P.  The data was collected along parallel grid lines.  Positional accuracy was maintained using Trimble Dual Frequency GPS receivers operating in Real Time Kinematic (RTK).  Where RTK was not achievable, differential GPS (DGPS) was used.  A Hemisphere Crescent VS110 DGPS system Compass with WAAS enable was also used for positioning. Project datum was transferred to nearby shoreline control using conventional terrestrial GPS, RTK and VRS.  Differential base stations to facilitate RTK were established at convenient locations.  ASE used its 30 foot pilot boat, operated by a captain and a navigator.  Ground truthing was performed at areas of concern and randomly for QA/QC.  ASE prepared a report with graphics displaying the results of the survey.  The positions and limits of the rock outcrops, large boulders or other verifiable obstructions were plotted on the DTM.  Deliverables were furnished in digital format via a project FTP site established and maintained by ASE.

Hydrographic Surveys for Chicago Shoreline Protection Project, Chicago, IL.

ASE performed this project for Chicago Dept. of Environment involving data collection, topography and utility surveys. Topo to Third Order Class II accuracy, cross sections at 100-foot intervals perpendicular to existing shoreline using fathometer. Obtained elevations at 5-foot intervals along each cross section and at all breaks in grade, voids in shoreline structures, etc. Provide 3-D MicroStation files, plan view drawing and cross section drawings. Subconsultant for Montgomery Watson Harza.

Single- and Multi-Beam Echosounding for Predesign of McCluggage Bridge in Peoria

ASE performed hydrographic survey duties for the Phase I engineering services related to the removal and replacement or rehabilitation of the eastbound McClugage Bridge (US 150) over the Illinois River.  Using a single beam echosounder, ASE conducted hydraulic sections at the face of US west bound structure and DS face of east bound project structure.  Sections were taken at major changes in river width (38 sections).  ASE processed the data and integrated it with existing aerial LiDAR.  ASE processed the data and created a DTM of the river bed. Other tasks for the project included verifying horizontal and vertical control, Right of Way verification, supplemental topographic survey with the use of terrestrial 3D LiDAR, and plats and legals preparation.

Bathymetric surveys at Plant 1 Dock in East Chicago, Indiana, performed before and after dredging to determine the profile of canal bottom. 

Bathymetric surveys at Plant 1 Dock in East Chicago, Indiana, performed before and after dredging to determine the profile of canal bottom. Each survey approximately 1150 feet long from dockwall out 125 feet into canal, with soundings every 10 feet along survey lines. Coordinates presented as NAD 27 Indiana State Plane West coordinates. Provide ASCII file.


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