ASE can provide the engineers, construction inspectors, other construction professionals, and surveyors necessary to ensure the success of any project.
ASE inspectors have worked on projects big and small in the transportation, utility, and other construction sectors. We can provide the construction oversight necessary on any project. ASE inspectors have verified if contractors were complying with requirements of permits, plans and specifications, along with documenting changes to the plan set by creating red-line drawings. We have assisted in collecting GPS locations of improvements, and performed quantity takeoffs to verify contractor reported quantities. ASE can write daily reports to document work, labor, materials, and quantities, and take photographs of progress, while providing overall QA/QC for a project.
ASE surveyors have the skillset to meet any survey challenge presented during the construction phase. We have verified horizontal and vertical control, existing right-of-way, and existing conditions/topographic features. A benefit of using ASE is that we can use our 3D Mobile LiDAR Scan Van to survey the entire improvement corridor to be included in the asset management system of the client and/or owner.


We have also done extensive Construction Engineering work on these selected projects:

More examples of Construction Engineering projects are available upon request.

  • Arbury Hills North (Mokena) Water Main Replacement
  • Arterial Streets in Chicago
  • US 30 at CN Railroad (IL/IN State Line)
  • IL Route 2 in Winnebago County
  • I-55 /I-55 South Extension N-S Tollway and Stevenson Expressway
Construction Inspection for Arbury Hills North (Mokena) Water Main Replacement 
ASE’s inspectors provided construction oversight of the placement of new water main in Arbury Hills North in Mokena. The contractor was placing the water main using open cut installation methods.  ASE inspectors verified that the contractor was complying with the requirements permits, plans and specifications.  ASE assisted in documenting changes to the plan set by creating red line drawings. ASE inspectors assisted in collecting GPS locations of newly placed water mains.  ASE inspectors assisted in writing daily reports to document work, labor, materials, and quantities for each day.  ASE assisted in taking digital photographs of the construction progress on a daily basis.
Construction Inspection for Resurfacing of Arerial Streets in the City of Chicago

ASE provided survey support in the form of area calculations of the arterial streets, which were called out by the plan set to be resurfaced.  ASE also provided construction inspection services of the material that was placed to ensure the placement met all specifications as identified in the plan set.  ASE inspectors also performed quantity takeoffs to verify contractor reported quantities.  ASE inspectors also performed QA/QC services to ensure the overall integrity of the construction process.

Phase III Survey Support, US 30 at CN Railroad (IL/IN State Line)

Phase III engineering was required for construction inspection services for the improvement of US 30 (Lincoln Highway) at CN Railroad (IL/IN State Line).  Work included completing construction of a new grade separation of US 30 and EJ&E/CN Railroad with a new bridge spanning over the tracks in Lynwood.  The project also included roadway reconstruction, a new frontage road system, and improvements to the Sauk Trail intersection, pavement markings, drainage improvement, and all incidental and collateral work necessary to complete the improvement.

ASE provided verification of horizontal and vertical control, verification of the existing right-of-way (ROW) and verification of existing conditions/topographic features.  ASE also performed a verification survey after topsoil stripping and post-excavation.  A topographic survey of the final work (including miscellaneous frontage road, driveway, and sidewalks) was also conducted.  ASE provided Phase III survey support along with a 10% check of layout, 25% check of on-the-bridge and MSE walls.  Deliverables includes a CADD file of surveyed data, including DTM, copies of field books, and ASCII file of surveyed points.

Bridge Deck and Approach Pavement Replacement, Illinois Route 2, Winnebago County, Fuller Creek

This was a reconstruction project to create a four-lane facility with an at-grade intersection on IL Route 2 from Elmwood Road to Latham Road north of Rockford.  ASE inspected the placement of the concrete on the project.  In the course of performing those duties, ASE staff created daily diary entries, wrote weekly reports, and other tasks necessary for the effective placement of the concrete.

ASE performed inspection and documentation of pay quantities, material testing and inspection (on site), DCP’s, construction staking, and layout as required or needed.  ASE completed required documentation and construction of the work in accordance with the plans and specifications.  ASE staff also assisted in final measurements including final cross sections for earth work quantities.

ASE assisted the resident engineer with all documentation.  This includes but is not limited to, job diary, weekly reports, daily quantities, field books, calculations, and layout. 

I-55/I-355 South Extension N-S Tollway and Stevenson Expressway, Will County

Work included stakeout verification for QA\QC of five bridge structures, a retaining wall, and noise wall on the North-South Tollway at M.P.12 and on the Stevenson Expressway.  Obtained centerline geometry from plans, verified Horizontal Control and Vertical Control (ISTHA Plan Datum), proposed Centerline alignment, and new ramp and pavement staked elevations, structure stakings, and cross-sections.  Measurements were performed in accordance with ISTHA Standard Specifications.  ASE was responsible for dirt quantity calculations for mass dirt grading and QA/QC. On the northerly section, ASE was responsible for all quantity calculations for dirt, stone, and concrete for all construction including mass grading, subgrade, finished paving, and noisewall construction. In addition, ASE handled QA/QC for every aspect of construction on this section of the project. Deliverables: CADD in MicroStation; ASCII file.

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